Magellan of Montana
Providers, please be advised the Magellan Healthcare contract with the state of Montana is ending on December 31, 2019.

Please note that effective January 1, 2020, Magellan will not accept any request for services either by fax, web or phone. We will receive requests through the close of business on December 31st, 2019.  Any requests for services received on the dates of December 27th through December 31st will not be reviewed by Magellan but will be transferred to Mountain-Pacific Quality Health on January 2nd for processing of the utilization review requests. This means that turn-around times will not be met for processing of reviews and Magellan is not responsible for this. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jackie Jandt at (406) 444-9656 or email jjandt@mt.gov.

You can find additional information on the following dedicated webpage developed by Mountain-Pacific: https://www.mpqhf.org/corporate/medicaid-portal-home/ [mpqhf.org].

Contact information:

Magellan has enjoyed working with you over the past 19 years to support the provision of services throughout Montana.

– Magellan Healthcare utilization management and behavioral health services review team

As was noted in previous communications, providers should continue to submit all service authorization requests to Magellan through 12/31/19 as has been the process.  All requests submitted to Magellan between 12/27/19 and 12/31/19 will be processed by Telligen working in partnership with Mountain-Pacific beginning 1/2/20.  This transition of information from 12/27-12/31 will be handled behind the scenes and there is nothing for providers to do differently in terms of process, rather maintain awareness of the processing start date of 1/2/20.  The Mountain-Pacific Provider Portal will be available for behavioral health service authorization requests beginning 1/1/20 and Telligen will be able to receive faxes at this time as well, but not prior.

 If you have any questions about claims processing or denials during this time, please contact Jackie Jandt with MDPHHS directly at jjandt@mt.gov or by phone at 406-444-9656.


Welcome to Magellan of Montana

Since 2000, Magellan has served the behavioral health needs of adults and children in Montana’s Medicaid program, contributing to more cost-effective and quality care.

Utilization Management

In collaboration with the Montana Addictive and Mental Disorders Division (AMDD), we provide utilization management of adult mental health and substance use disorders (SUDs), including:

  • Promoting the appropriate use and level of services at the right time, for the right frequency and for the right duration
  • Identifying quality of care issues to ensure the most cost effective and highest quality services
  • Advocating for evidence-based best practices of SUD and mental health services, and participating in education and support of the provider community

Care Coordination

We work with the Montana Children’s Mental Health Bureau (CMHB) to provide care coordination services for youth in psychiatric residential treatment facilities, including:

  • Tracking of youth and guardian participation in aftercare services
  • Monitoring of compliance with the post-discharge plan
  • Identification of gaps in community-based services